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how a harry potter character saved my life

Hi, everyone!
This is a part of my story I have only recently been able to publicly talk about. It's taken over 4 years for me to really be able to put this part of everything into words and also to be able to not break down when I'm telling the story. Some of you may already know what happened after I shared this on the podcast Harry Potter and the Sacred Text. This is going to be a little more in-depth than that because I've got longer than a few minutes to limit myself to.

Alright, here we go!
A handful of months after my sexual assault, (the assault happened in December '13) I hit my lowest of lows. I wasn't really eating, I wasn't sleeping properly, and I was spending all my time isolating myself from everyone. The only time I would really get out of bed was for school, going to the bathroom, or walking to the fridge to get some water in an attempt to show my face to my parents so they wouldn't come knocking on my door checking on me. Mind you, they h…

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