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it's easy for you to say

Hey, all!

Today's blog is going to cover emotional and mental abuse and some of my experiences, so trigger warning, if you need it.

I'm currently in a class called Sociology of Deviance. It's a great class. I love it. But, these past two weeks, we've been covering domestic violence situations, be it physical, mental, financial, etc. abuse. It's been difficult for me because, well, I've been in an emotionally and mentally abusive relationship for about four years of my life. I don't talk about it publically very often because I still have many problems that stem from being subject to this abuse for so long.

So, in class yesterday, we were discussing a portion of the book we are reading dealing with a woman's story of her abuse by her first husband, we came across a portion where the woman, Leslie, was crying in bed, hoping that her partner would realise that he had made her very upset, wrap his arms around her, and comfort her. He never did and the next …

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